Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I cheat on my husband with younger men

I am a 45 year old married and cheating chubby  housewife who has  been cheating on my husband for almost our entire marriage, especially since my husband is not interested in sex anymore, and I am hornier than ever and  just love having sex with younger men.

blond housewife who cheats with younger men
Blond Cheating wife

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I met a new man who is 18 and we have been talking for a while online.  We met on a cheating wives dating site and made a plan to meet up in a local hotel.  I met him there and we had a wonderful time over the next 2 hours. 

I am a married and cheating slut wife

I got to hotel and went to the room and the door was unlocked.  I walked in and he immediately took me in his eyes and began to kiss me.  As we were standing and kissing, he took my blouse off as well as his shirt.  Gazing at his unbelievably beautiful young  body immediately made my pussy wet.  I was a little nervous because I've never been with an eighteen year old  before.  But, the more clothing we took off, and as we lowered ourselves onto the floor, I was so ready for him!  I started by licking his glorious rock hard cock and sucking his dick  slowly and looking into his beautiful eyes. 

He has about  9 inches and rock hard. He stopped me within a minute and licked his way down my  saggy breasts to my stomach, to my  dripping wet  pussy.  He licked and sucked and surprisingly, it didn't take me long to  cum in his warm hungry mouth.  He moved me onto my side and kept licking my thighs and around my  cunt, avoiding my  clit.  He moved his body so that I could suck his dick and I took him all the way into my mouth.  I took it deep and he was moaning and gasping as I worked it into the back of my throat. As I sucked his dick and licked his hairy young balls he could barely keep on licking me because I was making it feel so good for him.

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Big tit chubby housewife cheats with younger men

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 He suddenly pulled out of my mouth and began to kiss me deeply.  His tongue was all over the inside of my mouth and I could taste my pussy all over his lips and tongue.  That was so sexy that I could barely stand it.  Our faces were just sliding over each others and our bodies were pressed against each other and his  hard eighteen year old cock was almost painful as he pressed into my dripping pussy.

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He started to suck my saggy tits and  nipples and began to pull on them until I had to cry out in pain.  I deserved the pain for being a slut and a cheating wife.  My nipples are extremely sensitive anyway, but when he pulled, it was a sensation I've never felt before.  He would kiss me deeply, and then bite and pull my nipples.

Then he would slap my tits back and forth , it hurt and I deserved to be hurt but i liked it and  could feel the sensation deep in my dripping wet pussy and because  I'm a slut I  could  almost cum from him slapping my saggy tits t if he did it long enough.

I'm a cheating wife who loves younger men

Then  he pulled my legs up over his shoulders and shoved his cock deep inside of me.  It felt like a metal rod being rammed into me and it was beautiful!  We looked into each others eyes and I could have died and gone to heaven as turned on as I was.  He was pounding me and started to whisper that he was going to fuck me good and give it to me like the filthy old slut  I am.

He pulled out suddenly and flipped me onto my stomach as he lifted my  ass in the air and rammed his hard cock deep into my ass and fucked me good as I moaned and screamed from the pain of his hard cock in my ass. He rode my old ass pulling my hair and slapping my ass as he pounded my asshole. I was his bitch and he knew it.

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Married and cheating wife

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I came like the  filthy old slut I am

Then he pulled  his cock out of my ass and put his dick into my dripping wet, eager cunt and fucked me doggie style as he told me I was nothing but an old slut and made me beg for his

married and cheating
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hard cock until I was screaming and moaning with pleasure as I came like the  filthy old slut I am. Then  he pulled his hard cock  out of my cunt and into my slut  mouth where he  face fucked me as I gagged on his cock until he shot his  warm load down my eager throat and made me swallow every drop of his hot sticky cum.

I came home in a daze and remained that way for hours afterwards.  I never imagined that I could  have sex with an eighteen year old and get fucked in my pussy and ass  and that getting ass fucked would satisfy me as much as it  did.  This will probably never happen again in my life, but I can't say that I would not do it again. After all I have been cheating on my husband for almost twenty years.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why wives cheat on their husband

The first question that comes to mind when a wife cheats is: Why? A recent study by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, attempted to answer that question and found that the reasons behind infidelity differ greatly between the sexes. If a  wife is unhappy in her marriage, she's 2.6 times more likely to cheat. Regardless of the reason, there's one thing that's certain: infidelity is  devastating.  Check out the following personal experiences with infidelity

Blond wife with big tits and short skirt sitting on couch
Cheating wife wearing a short skirt waiting for her lover
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I cheated on my husband with a co-worker

Elizabeth Smith, a 50-year-old cheating wife said that her husband was abusive, controlling and expected me to quit my job to make a home for him." A little over a year into the marriage, she began having an affair with a man that she worked with. "I had no illusions that I was in love, but it was eye-opening to be with someone that made me feel good about myself, made me laugh and respected me for who I was—not who he wanted me to be," she says." I would fuck and suck my lover every Friday evening when I told my husband that I was playing cards with the girls. I was married but on Friday nights I was a slut, sucking cock, swallowing cum and fucking like a whore - I loved it!

Married and cheating wife taking a selfie
Married and cheating wife in blue jeans taking a selfie

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The affair helped me find myself and proved to me that I could live a life independent of my husband. It also gave me the courage to ask for a divorce. Twenty-five years later, I'm married to a wonderful man. We love making each other happy.

My husband caught me in our bed with my lover's dick in my mouth

Vanessa Myers  a  28 year old married and  cheating wife that married her husband six years ago, 
they both couldn't wait to have children, but after their wedding day something changed for her. 
"I started to really love my job, and kids didn't seem to fit into the picture," she says. Her husband 
was hurt by her change of heart, and began to resent her. "We started fighting a lot, and I resented him 
for resenting me and we were just constantly hurting each other," she says. Ultimately, the lack of 
intimacy caused Vanessa to cheat. "I met a guy online  at Married Women Sex Dates  and we dated
 for about a year," she says. "It ended when my husband caught me on my knees with my lovers dick 
in my  mouth, with me moaning and slurping  like a slut." 
Big tit housewife in a print dress
Housewife with big tits wearing a print dress

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My marriage  was boring so  I fucked strange men for the thrill

At 35-years-old, Barbara Gisborne  was a housewife by day and a filthy whore by night
She lived in Madison, Wisconsin, with her loving husband and two children—but she was miserable. 
"My husband was a good man, but I was bored inside and out," she says. "In our community, I always 
felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole." That year, she was in Chicago on business and met
 Bob, an Australian man, on an elevator. "We had an instant connection. We exchanged numbers, kept 
in touch, and I began to see Bob when my husband was at work and my kids were at school. He and I 
would have wild steamy sex all afternoon. I loved having his 9 inch dick in my pussy, with him
 pounding me and calling me every filthy name in the book. I loved it. My marriage ended when my 
son and his friend came home early one day from school and they caught us in the missionary position.
 I was so horny I just let Bob fuck my dripping wet pussy while my son and his friend watched. 
My marriage ended shortly after.
Older cheating wife pulling up her skirt to show her thighs
Married slut pulling up her dress for her lover
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A cheating housewife I sucked dick at the local bar because I was bored

For 10 years, 49-year-old Barbara Singer created a life independent of her husband because he was 
never around. "Gary was totally consumed and exhausted by his work—there was nothing left for me,
" she says. "I was totally committed to my family and gave it my all, but knew in my heart that I 
certainly did not want this for rest of my life." One night, I went to the local bar and got totally drunk. 
I started to strip at the bar, you know, pulling my skirt up, pulling down my panties and the patrons 
watched and really enjoyed it, including the women.
Housewife wearing white lace bra and panties
Married and Cheating Housewife in white bra and panties
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Before long I was pulling a guy's zipper down and tongue kissing him while I jerked his cock off. 
Patrons stood around and applauded. I liked doing it in public it was a trill. Before long I was a regular 
that got drunk got on my knees and sucked dick in the bar with everyone watching. I even ate pussy. 
I loved the excitement of being watched. Within a few weeks of being the slut at the local bar, I ended
 my  marriage, 

Cheating Wives